It’s Easy to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware | Kristi Soligo
Kristi Soligo

It’s Easy to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware


Want to replace the hardware on your kitchen cabinets? Replacing cabinet knobs is a simple, easy project that even a novice can do—in a few hours, at most (depending on how many cabinets you have). And it’s a quick way to freshen up your kitchen décor, even in winter.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to replacing your own kitchen cabinet hardware.

Step #1—Choose your new hardware.

There are literally hundreds of styles of kitchen knobs and pulls—in every style, color, and design imaginable. Browse your local hardware store, or visit one of the many online home décor suppliers available. Your new knobs should come with all the screws you need. (To make the job easier, choose new hardware with the same pattern and size of holes and screws.)

Step #2—Remove the old hardware.

Unscrew the old knobs, using a screwdriver. If your new pulls use the exact same holes, then you can skip step #3 (you won’t need to drill new ones).

Step #3—Drill new holes (if you need them).

If you are moving to a new size knob, or switching from a knob (which uses 1 screw) to a door pull (2+ screws), then you’ll need to drill a second hole. Carefully measure the distance between the 2 screws in your new pull with a ruler or tape measure, then mark that same distance on the cabinet above the existing hole with a pencil. Use a small drill bit to get the hole started, then a larger one to widen it.

If you’re adding knobs to a new door…

If you need a new hole altogether (or if you’re adding knobs to a clean door that didn’t have them before), then invest a few dollars in a clear plastic drill template—that will help you get the correct placement of the drill hole. Just line it up on the edge of the cabinet door, and mark the holes with a pencil. Then you’ll be ready to drill.

Step #4—Attach the new hardware.

Hold the new pull in place on the front side of the door, while you place all the screws in through the holes on the back side of the door. Turn the screws loosely a few times with your fingers, just so they stay in place. Now you’re ready to tighten them. Finish turning the screws with a hand-held drill—just until they are snug (not too deep into the surface of the wood—you don’t want to splinter it).

Congrats! Your kitchen just got a quick makeover.

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